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Beer League Talk is a podcast dedicated to the family that is adult recreational hockey players. Hockey players are a family and this podcast will guide players (and the rest of the world) through topics that are important to "Beer Leaguers". It doesn't matter if you're a new player, an experienced player, or someone who just loves hockey. Join us for conversation, tips, and general tomfoolery. Be a part of the podcast! Catch us @BeerLeagueTalk on all the major social media networks to contriubute to help a fellow hockey player or yourself!
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Nov 29, 2016

Nick is fresh back from his surprise visit to Newfoundland, Canada, where Westy winners the Tom Cats showed him a whirlwind weekend. They embraced him with open arms and celebrated hard after being crowned greatest hockey team in the world! Nick tells us about some interesting Newfie traditions, like the Mummers. Nick wants to bring that one to Calgary but April and Dani aren’t so sure… Of course, the lovely Tom Cats sent Nick back with tons of things to stuff in April’s Box. Meanwhile, Dani thinks a player was flirting with her while she was reffing and she asks the listeners for advice after finding him on Facebook. Should she send him a friend request?

See the video of this episode on Youtube! 
Nov 22, 2016

Make sure to check out the video of this episode on Youtube!

The BLT crew gets a special package mid-show care of one of our exalted hockey gods. Let's just say it was hard for them to talk after, let alone concentrate on the show. But being the consummate professionals they are, they power through. Dani is dead set on being a hockey advice columnist (is that a thing?) and asks the listeners to send in their questions. Nick tests the limits of the Transpuckter ( and April finds something new in her box. Plans are coming together for #HelpAHockeyPlayer, the crew chats about ciders, and there's talk of a world record attempt!

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Nov 15, 2016

Episode 79: The Hockey Refugee Episode

What we use to record:

The BLT crew is back from Phoenix just as pasty as when they left. Not much time for tanning when you're playing 5 hockey games in two days! Nick put a bounty out on Dani's QRL and her bae ended up in pieces ... You'll have to listen to hear how. The Westy is ramping up with the final five campaigning hard to the secret selection committee. Meanwhile, we asked our American friends which BLT member they'd live with if they claimed refugee status in Canada. Even more exciting, Nick's been getting crazy ideas again, including a new drinking game (you all might be able to play with us!) and a charity drive to help hockey players this holiday season.

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Mackie PROFX16V2 16-Channel 4-Bus Compact Mixer:

Oct 27, 2016

All you beer enthusiasts can get a little dewy listening to our special guest. Jasperite (Jasperian? Whatever, guy who lives in Jasper) Chalupa came bearing gifts in the form of growlers and had the BLT crew sipping some craft beer as he reminisced about his time working at a brewery making that sweet liquid gold with his own two hands. April get a delightful surprise after a listener was kind enough to jam-pack her box full of cool stuff. Dani and Nick are present but they don’t really add much to this episode, they kinda phoned it in.

Oct 19, 2016

Distracted by the overwhelming number of viewers on the Facebook Live broadcast, the BLT crew may have forgotten this is a podcast. Can’t help it, the excitement’s building as teams in the Top 16 of the Westy flood to FB live to ask questions … and mostly just heckle us. Nick talks about the new BLT award he wants to give out, and throws a shout out to Goalie Gear Sluts United. We play a new game called “What Can Dani Deadlift?” and ready your earballs as one host eats what we found in April’s Box.

Oct 12, 2016

The fans take front seat in this episode when we open the floor to a Q and A session. Things get rowdy in the Facebook Live feed with our most-watched video stream ever thanks to the teams jockying for a Westy endorsement. Plus, it’s a happy day for April as we debut a new segment called “What’s in April’s Box?” where we get to peek inside at some swag a fan sent her. And Nick tries to stop Dani from talking about the [NICK EDIT] which shall not be named. Lastly check out our new collab with! HoH is a group trying to spread their love of hockey all over the globe. 

Sep 29, 2016

Nick is obsessed with watching the Westy voting metrics, literally staring at them all day like some sort of Westy Rainman. Can’t blame him, the votes for Greatest Beer League Hockey Team are pouring in! We erected (....hehehehe ERECT) a tribute to our Patreon hockey gods, and think we’re hilarious for doing a visual gag on an audio podcast. The crew talks injuries and playing through them. Dani sounds off with a #RefRant while Nick channels his best interrupting Trump.

Sep 21, 2016

Nick's the man with a plan this week, probably inspired by the generous donations of our new hockey gods. The Patreon page is officially up, thanks to the suggestion of a megafan (yes we have those, shut up) and we're blown away by the fan contributions! Meanwhile, it's the last week to nominate teams for the Westy and enter to win $8,000 in gear and jerseys. Plus, Dani is pissed about players bailing on her team....and April is pissed Dani cost her a championship.


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Sep 15, 2016

You guessed it: somebody loses their cookies on this episode. The show must go on, so the remaining BLT members delve into team issues such as who gets to make the game lineup, and should there be secret meetings where people plot who they want to play with? They tackle how to let players know they’ve been cut, and get pretty creative. Plus, in-studio guest Peter from Victory Hockey UK (@weareVHUK) grabs a mic to tell us how he tricked his wife into visiting BLT on their honeymoon.

Sep 6, 2016

Writing a summary is hard when you were too drunk to remember what you talked about. We think there was something about putting a hit out on Brett to stop his championship streak. Find out what teams the BLT crew end up on and who got crushed in the chug-offs. Plus, special guest Jason Roche fills us in on a little wager riding on Canada VS Sweden, the first game of the Comox tourney. We even had an audience listening to us live!

Sep 1, 2016

When a girl has to choose between her fiery hair and new Tacks, things can get a little desperate. April has her eye on some beauty CCM’s this week and we don’t wanna say she’s considering drastic measures but …. Meanwhile, Dani’s ranting about her summer team having to forfeit the final championship game. Nick tries to get serious talking about those magic moments when things were “meant to be” and no one’s surprised when things go off the rails.

Aug 25, 2016

Episode 70: Everyone is preggers


Ok, not everyone. But if one more person on April’s team gets knocked up she’s gonna lose it. Nick, Dani and Apes talk GM gripes as the Winter season is just around the corner. Entries for the Westy are pouring in, but Nick has some choice words for the one-word applications! Dani wants to make a papier maché trophy for the winners and then – to no one’s surprise – the conversation goes sideways with a proposed BLT naked calendar competition.

Aug 16, 2016

The gang podcasts from the Alberta Hockey Show! 

We have special guests: the founders of the Alberta Hockey Show, Puck Nut Nation, Ferda Hockey, and Integral hockey. Come learn about these awesome companies and more on episode 69! 

Jul 27, 2016

Puckachu, I Choose You!

Nick, Dani and April sneak into the closed-down Barn to record. What's that humming? Is it the abandoned beer fridge or could it be ghost Pokemon! The crew is easily distracted without Brett to keep them in line, but they do talk about Montreal Draft, the upcoming Vancouver Draft, and April's goal to become princess of North Korea via seduction.

Jul 21, 2016

Montreal was a time and a half. We are so beat from our time there that we couldn't record an episode this week. You'll hear all about Montreal in next week's episode but until then enjoy Brett and Dani being drunk at the Calgary Draft! 

Jul 13, 2016

Summer hockey and more stripper talk The crew tackles such hard-hitting topics as ‘why we love wearing shorts to the rink’ and ‘why is everyone getting drunk instead of coming to hockey?’ Dani pulls out the Fireball to share a story from the Calgary Draft, despite April’s protests that what happens in the locker room should stay there. Nick gets even more excited for our upcoming trip to Montreal after he hears a fan’s cringe-inducing story from a visit to the French Canadian city. Spoiler alter: there's strippers.

Jul 6, 2016


With the Montreal Draft on the horizon, strip joints have been top of mind for our beer league faithful. April won’t be making the trip, so for the Calgary Draft this weekend she’s opening her own speakeasy right here in the BLT recording storage room (which we share with some preschools). Warrior VIPs Nick and Dani finally review their Covert QRL sticks after a few weeks of putting them to the test. And we probably talked about poop again somewhere in there.

Jun 30, 2016

Happy Birthday Beer League Talk! The whole gang’s here to celebrate the fact that you beauties still seem to want to listen to us talk about hockey (or poop) after an entire YEAR! Summer’s been taken over by draft tournaments as Nick and Dani tell their best locker room stories from Seattle and Pittsburgh. Brett and April say some stuff too.

Jun 23, 2016

This episode doesn't need a summary...mainly because we don't remember it!

Jun 14, 2016

Half the episode, twice the fun? The crew is pumped for the blitz of summer Draft Tournaments coming down the pipe, even though half of us are sick and the other half injured. As we head to Seattle this weekend, Dani scores an exclusive interview with her Dad. Plus, the surprise ending that nobody asked for!

May 31, 2016

With Brett and April nowhere to be found, we invite resident hockey pranker Anthony to share tales of his Canmore hijinks. Spoiler alert: There's poop. When he ducks out to feed his 4-month-old kid, Nick and Dani nearly kill each other in the new storage closet recording booth.

May 26, 2016

Good Week everybody! So umm yeah... Episode 60 went off the rails early! We talk about the Canmore Draft Tournament, a tournament that has been recently added, and Brett being a boner donor. TJ chase from Laga Sports also joins us to chat hockey jerseys and gives hockey photography tips. Thanks for listening! Hit us up on twitter: @beerleaguetalk

May 12, 2016

Since we aren't giving it a title we aren't giving it a description either. Enjoy the episode! Why not tweet us about it? @Beerleaguetalk

May 4, 2016

This episode is so bad we don't even want to write a description of it! We blame 99% of it on Dani... but hey Brett's back so that's good! 

Apr 26, 2016

Episode 57 is crazy! Brett is banned from the show by Dan Boyle. A team we know gets poop bombed and April gets tossed from her first ever hockey game. A crazy week in the podcast! You don't want to miss it! Follow us on Instagram and twitter @beerleaguetalk

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